The first inhabitants of Cyprus are thought to have migrated to the island from the lands now called Anatolia, Syria and Palestine between teh years 7000-6500 BC. The mountains of the countries can be seen from the island on clear days.

The name of Cyprus, which is the most important island in the Eastern Mediterranean, came from The rich copper mines that were first used in the Bronze Age. It's location and natural resources such as olives, cereals and graper made Cyprus a very important trading centre. Because of these, many ancient civilizations tried to capture it and those which managed, each left behind a piece of their own important cultural heritage and made the island a centre of attraction. The Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignans, Venetians and Ottomans were the most important civilizations which ruled the island.

Cyprus, with its natural beauties and historical richness remains a centre of attraction for many people.

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